Start your day with a healthy breakfast.
Since it is our desire to see our guests at Toyoko Inn off with a healthy mind and body, each hotel provides an individually desgined, healthy complimentary breakfast.

Free Breakfast Service at Toyoko Inn

All Free

Free Breakfast service is provided at all Toyoko Inn hotels. All menus are free!

  • For Toyoko Inn Frankfurt fee applies but has already been included to your room rate.

Homemade Healthy Breakfast

Enjoy a genially prepared, healthy homemade breakfast that reminds you of the gentle flavour of your mother's cooking.

Local Produce

We try to use locally produced ingredients like fresh vegetables or rice, etc. These fresh ingredients will energize your body.

Free for Accompanying Children

Breakfast is also served to accompanying children that don't sleep in their own bed. No extra fees are charged. Please have a good time with your family.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Our breakfast menu may be prepared in a different style.
Some breakfast menu may be limited.

Sample Menu

Hotels with Exclusive Breakfast Menus

The breakfast serving hours and menu vary from hotel to hotel. Please visit the official website of each hotel for further details.